On this page you can find my current position on local, state, and federal issues as they arise. This page will be update periodically to update situations and positions as they evolve.



There is a lot of benefit to pooling resources for improvements to our neighborhoods. Shared amenities within the community require each of us to chip in as needed when a determination has been made that a project or improvement is worth the investment by local citizens.

When a project has been determined to be in the best interest of the taxpayer, I am a firm believer in 100% transparency and accountability. You work hard for your paycheck and you have a right to know that every tax dollar you provide to your local government is accounted for and utilized to its fullest potential.

If local government can’t guarantee that a raise in taxes or the implementation of a tax will improve your quality of life, then I simply can’t support wasting your hard earned money.


Appleton Public Library

In today’s day and age it can be difficult to have a large groups of people agree much these days, but when I talk to my neighbors about the proposed enhancements to the Appleton Public Library everyone seems to agree on 2 things fairly quickly:

The current library is insufficient for the needs of the City of Appleton.

$50,000,000+ is simply too large of a pill for Taxpayers to swallow.

At the present time I strongly agree with my neighbors that the price tag of these improvements outweigh the potential benefits. Despite that, I do believe opportunities still need to be explored to uncover a fiscally viable option to ensure Appleton continues to promote access to informational and learning resources.


Public Spending

I strongly believe that a core responsibility of elected officials is to ensure the judicious use of public funds.

I have acted as a fiduciary for nearly a decade in my professional life and I will exercise the same care and due diligence as an elected official when tasked with appropriating funds.


Climate Change

The data collected and analyzed by scientist across the globe consistently leads to the same conclusion over and over again, climate is changing.

It is undeniable that humans have an impact on our environment and we need to take responsibility for the health of our planet.

I strongly support sustainability efforts and eco-friendly initiatives that protect the natural state of Appleton and the Fox Cities.



As a product of the Appleton Area School District (AASD), I can attest to the quality of the lessons and value of skills that are being learned in our local classrooms.

Recently legislation was passed in the state of Wisconsin that at the state level that requires standards for financial literacy. Appleton has long been a leader in this area and I am strongly committed to supporting the AASD maintain that high standard as I believe this is an area that separates us from other communities.

In order to consistently provide a valuable experience for our students, we must ensure that educators in our community are supported and have the resources they need.

If you would like further insight on these positions or information on topics not listed on here, I strongly encourage you please contact me for further info.


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